Painstakingly pure.
The purity behind our purity.

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A formula for success

Purity begins not with what you put in, but what you keep out. So, from the very beginning our customers told us what not to put in. Being the nation’s first moisture-binding topical pain relief medication, we didn’t change the original formula of our transformational moisture medication base, as we knew the product “felt wonderful going on, and staying on.”

Until the people love it, both feel & function, we won’t release it.

To this wholesome and innovative foundational base, we added only quintessential purity at every turn. Following the mantra, “lean and clean” we wanted to medicinally infuse and therapeutically enhance our moisturizing foundation by incorporating only the most efficient, effective and efficacious active and inactive ingredients.

Australian Dream. Painstakingly Pure.
Quality You Can Feel From The Inside Out.

There’s quality and then there is quality’s quality. Introducing PPQ, supreme quality from Australian Dream.

There’s quality and then there is quality’s quality. Introducing PPQ, supreme quality from Australian Dream.

Debuting painstakingly pure quality (PPQ), the industry’s strictest standards and rigorous raw material requirements in producing the most trusted topical analgesic motion-comfort therapy for the pain relief product category.


Adding quality at the end is more like a meager measurement of ingredient appeasement, a short-vision way of formula building. Not us. We only start by selecting the right quality, right from the beginning. Commencing with the best components and quality-crafting moisture binding formulations, we ensure that both our ingredients and our brand’s intentions are never compromised, keeping our standard processes and recipes, only premium-supreme.

The same ingredient sourced from a different place, processed in a different way, is not the same ingredient at all. Rather, it is an ingredient named the same, but not made the same. Because of both our distinct formula-bridging and synchronic ingredient process selection, we cannot and will not risk irregular or unverifiable sourcing locations and production missteps, potentially diluting quality and therefore high-functioning pain relief results.

We supervise every batch of comfort-delivering, pain-defying goodness, such that quality cannot escape and remains inherent within the entire batch-manufacturing process.

Tracking To Origination.

We only include “super-premium,” “established producers,” as ADSVs (Australian Dream Select Vendors), so we may properly track product origination. Many of our formula’s various ingredients are naturally sourced from plants, herbs, and minerals. Regardless of origination, all formulation and production of ingredients are single-sourced – meaning they are manufactured, managed, and monitored by the same team (people) who formulate it.

We vigorously internally trial all vendors for “super-premium” materials quality and then we test each inbound shipment’s ingredient purity levels (IPLs), mandating a 99% compliancy against formula concentrations. Additionally, all ingredients in our formulation are ecologically friendly and environmentally safe, so much so, that they can be poured down any domestic household drain.

But that is not enough, we also run rigorous, analytical redundancy testing in our own Nature’s Health Connection Lab to see if the components will be denied or comply with our specified requirements. Every ingredient in our formula is double tested internally and follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), exceeding, above and beyond, all FDA requirements. We are a quality-first integrated company, meaning our products continually undergo stability and microbiology testing, along with constant ingredient validation. Why? Because our customers’ health and wellness is at the center of all we do.

But we don’t take our own word for it. All batches we manufacture, even after internal double testing, are sent to an external third party, this includes every full process ingredient, from raw to rough, and to finished goods. We always confirm our claims through a third party. Third-party objectivity is the highest quality of trust we can provide our customers. We call this robust protocol “double-triple” testing.

The entire quality process we follow at Australian Dream is deep and deliberate and painstakingly pure. We’re inquiring about purity, we’re screening for purity, we’re testing fiercely for the purest of pure. We’re crazy about purity every step of the way for every product we make. Because quality in our recipe formulations is what differentiates our portfolio of products, and therefore defines our caring relationship with every customer we serve.

Our painstaking quality does cost more, but the result is more than worth it. And that premium value is what our customers feel, through every human touch, every day, every single  application, now topping over 2B topical treatments using Australian Dream products. Quality is our passion; care is our mission. We are pure-born authentic.