A fortitude of firsts inspired by humble beginnings.

2 billion pain-free touches

To date, we have successfully supplied 8.6M Australian Dream products, delivering 27M pain-defying, motion-comfort ounces, exceeding 2.3B everyday activity-enhancing applications. That’s 2B beautiful painless touches to help humans mend and move. 2B trusted moments to help them get back to liveliness.

An original. The authentic. Australian Dream. Don’t just live. Live pain-free.

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A Legacy Of Leadership. A Pedigree of pioneering firsts. Your authentic authority on premium pain-relief. Premium. Preferred. Purity. Promise. Purpose.

We are America’s first premium topical analgesic pain reliver to be sold in nationwide stores. Like our successful pain-relieving formulas, we are fast to get to work and dogged to last. We achieved this growth and distribution for one reason – our product worked and people across the U.S. asked for it again and again. And because of this, we were the first premium brand to reach all U.S. states and territories.

We are the first (arthritis) brand in the topical analgesic pain-relieving category to reach and rank #1 in total product sales by volume in the retail drug industry while simultaneously crowned as “most preferred” by customers seeking pain-relief therapies through topical applications.

We are the first in our category to introduce a no odor, no burning, no greasiness topical, anti-pain cream. We did so because this is exactly what our customers wanted. We were happy to listen and craft our product’s unique features and benefits around this unique request. We also wanted what we called a “100% pure product,” without false claims, homeopathic confusion, or pharmaceutical oversteps – no distractions of strong scents, hot and cold sensations, or oily textures, just pain relief.

Australian Dream. We’re all purity, no pontification. Period.

We are the first pain reliving therapy treatment to offer, honor and internally enforce a 100% Australian Dream Risk-Free, Buy & Try 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, the industry’s boldest commitment ever toward total customer satisfaction – the Campton way. We are so confident in our product’s value and validity, you can use the entire jar or tube for 90 days and still get a refund. Then, if you are not pleased with our product, simply let us know and we will offer a full refund.

Even with the industry’s most robust Risk-Free, Buy & Try 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, our Australian Dream portfolio of products have a very low customer return rate, averaging just 1.26%.

When you use our products again and again, and have confidence enough in their benefits to share them with those you love, you make our brand purpose driven by allowing us to help make your day to day activities purposeful.

From every jar, every ounce, every brave application to put down pain, through it all, we are grateful to have helped in some small way. And with a little bit of Kentucky grit, we feel fortunate to have achieved a few things ourselves along the way.

What’s in a Name?

Generations of building family farms from the rough hillsides had taken a toll on the bodies of the poor folks around Campton, in the Eastern Kentucky mountains. Years of strained muscles and aching joints became tradition, an unintended addition to the colorful heritage passed from their ancestors.

Places like Australia, perceived as an exotic place of faraway comfort, one without pain, only existed as storybook fantasy in the toilsome hollows of Eastern Kentucky. Despite the continued hurting of worn-out bodies, the dream of a time and place without pain lived on within their hope of a better tomorrow.

In 1997 the empathetic Maddox brothers of Campton introduced the pain relief cream that fittingly became known as Australian Dream. The dream of pain relief finally became a reality for the folks, not on the shores of a faraway place or from within a glass building of big pharma but among the hills of home.

Arthritis Cream Product image

“Works like a dream!” is much more than an old cliché; it is an old Kentucky dream that came true.”