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“When I was a kid I broke my ankle. My doctor told me I probably have arthritis at the site of the break. So, before I exercise I always put on Australian Dream.”

– Julie G. Actual Customer

“I’ve tried a lot of things for my knee pain; injections, pills, creams… then I found Australian Dream. It really works!”

– Howard H. Actual Customer

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“Awesome! Try it you will not be disappointed. I am older, play guitar and a lot of golf so some constant pain in my shoulders and hands…gone!!”

Tom S.

“Works for me. I’ve been diagnosed with arthritis in my neck. This stuff helps keep the nagging pain away. I switched to a different product and could tell right away I should go back to Australian Dream.”


“After 28 years of working on the railroad as a Locomotive Engineer and enduring multiple back and shoulder surgeries, I was left with arthritis among other numerous aches and pains. If you can name a pain relief product, I have probably tried it. Once I discovered Australian Dream Arthritis Cream, I found what I had been searching for. It is easy to apply and there is no foul odor.”

Steve A.

“No odor, it works. I really do like this product. I’ve tried others, they work but they do smell. When going out and about I don’t want to smell the cream. And for me, it works well. Glad I’ve tried it.”

Rebecca A.

“Really Works! It works wonders on my lower back, and knee pain. It also has no odor, and is not greasy, so I can apply it even when going out for the evening nicely dressed. I am happy I tried it!”

Penny B.